Zaky Arifin born in 1983. He start working as a graphic designer at 2006, for designing identities, typeface, typography experiment, custom lettering, and chalk mural. His known for his strong identities to imply lines with adding textures and shapes that guide the eye through the piece of artwork. His commissioned work placed at some office, hotel, store, restaurant, cafe in Jakarta and some exhibitions. His passion, consistency and interaction leads him to develop visual art. He's working and living in Jakarta-Indonesia.

"In every line there's a memory, in a failure there's learning, in complexity there's simplicity."

Borderless, duet exhibition with Aditya Wijanarko, curated by Riksa Afiaty.
Glitch Imaginarium, Jakarta - 2014
• Art for Everyone, Artotel Jakarta - 2014
• Euphoria Project, Jakarta - 2014
• Artphoria, Jakarta - 2013
• Do.Art with Garis Artspace project "Rumah Gembel", Jakarta - 2013
• Sharing Happiness, Jakarta - 2012
• Scream Art Loud, Jakarta - 2010
• "Conversation" a Typography Tribute, online - 2009
• Comic Sans and Stereotypical Crime!, online - 2008

• Senopati Suites, Jakarta - 2015
• Pakubuwono View, Jakarta - 2014
• Le Cafe Gourmand, Jakarta - 2014
• The Holy Crab, Jakarta - 2014
• Umabo, Jakarta - 2013
• 6 Degrees Coffee, Jakarta - 2013
• Beautika Office, Jakarta - 2013
• Artotel Thamrin, Jakarta - 2013
• Delico The Bakery Cafe, Jakarta - 2013
• Toko Gunung Agung, Jakarta - 2013
• Pong Me! Lounge, Jakarta - 2013
• Mojo Kitchen & Bar, Jakarta - 2013
• Normal Form -, Jakarta - 2013
• Hivos, Jakarta - 2012
• Mamacita the wine kitchen, Jakarta - 2011
• Emir Hakim Studio, Jakarta - 2010
• Barry Likumahua Project, Video clip - 2010
• Cafe Aria, Jakarta - 2010

• Green Sands at Hellofest - 2014
• Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Prelaunch - 2014

• Founder of Studio Minor - 2014
• Senior Graphic Designer at Artnivora - 2013-2013
• Senior Graphic Designer at Emir Hakim Design - 2010-2013
• Graphic Designer at Greenlab Group - 2009-2010
• Graphic Designer at Rekacipta Design - 2006-2009


"Comme le nez de Pinocchio, les lettres ont pris l'habitude de s'allonger plus que de mesure. Une tendance que l'on retrouve dans plusieurs projets récents, d'affiches ou encore d'identités visuelles. Voici une petite sélection de travaux récoltés sur la toile.

Identité visuelle réalisée par le graphiste indonésien Zaky Arifin pour la marque Mood. L'ensemble des supports de communication comporte un "o" étiré à la verticale ou à l'horizontale."
~ etapes:

"Spurting just from a hobby, since 2010, this Jakarta-born graphic designer has created many inspirational visual and typography murals that can be found in many walls from offices and retails, to restaurant and cafes in Jakarta."
~ Artotel Jakarta

"Designer Zaky Crafts Original Typefaces.
Zaky Arifin is an artist who revels in the details. The Jakarta-based graphic designer creates pieces that speak volumes through minimalist compositions, paying a specific amount of focus to empty spaces and typography.

In fact, it is Zaky’s typography that has garnered him designing gigs for major clients such as Danish brewing company Carlsberg and local live event organizer Ismaya Live. His work delicately balances subjects, space and lettering that result in heavily stylistic campaigns which evoke warm elegance..."
~ The Jakarta Globe

"Here Jakarta-based Zaky Arifin has created a fun, organism-like logotype through altering a single letter and has created an imaginative variety of different lock-ups for different collateral.

Zaky is well known for creating skillful typographic and custom hand lettered works (including constructing his own custom typefaces), as well as creating memorable identities."
~ Creative Bloq

"Indonesia-based graphic designer Zaky Arifin has created some seriously good typographic art on chalkboards. Using chalkboards as his canvas, he has produced memorable, vintage-style art—that features modern typography methods—for many brands.

He has also created beautiful and incredibly skillful work for restaurants’ “specials” chalkboards. You can view more of his work on his Tumblr page."
~ Design Taxi

"We found a bundle of talent behind this young man. From Typography to Illustration, from Graphic Design to Painting. Looking for a great talent these days are like looking needle in a haystack, they all look the same at a glance.

Zaky really show his character, his artwork and output are distinctive, a mixture between bold and wavy line are very impressive. Well, enough talk, below are his recent artwork, our favorite would be the Simfoni Typeface."
~ Normal Form

"Jakarta-based designer Zaky Arifin has absorbed design into the very core of his soul. With his sharp eyes, he appreciates designs in the everyday life and would be very happy if he could optimize the function, as well as the look. His designing style is sleek and neat, with emphasize on typography and identity building."
~ Grafis Masa Kini

"Kali ini kami menemukan portofolio eksperimental seorang desainer grafis, dari logo, mural, eksperimental cover buku, sampai corporate Identity. Karena disini hanya cuplikan beberapa karyanya, silahkan berkunjung ke website pribadinya, dan apresiasilah."
~ Massivelighter


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